If we’ve said it once here at EraseDisease.com, we’ve said it a million times – exercise is a key ingredient to a healthy heart, vitality and longevity. While we push the benefits of l-arginine and our heart healthy Cardio Juvenate, all the supplements in the world won’t make up for a lack of activity in your life. So with enthusiasm, ambition, and a positive outlook, we invite you to follow the 5 essential steps below to starting a heart healthy exercise program.


Before You Start

Before you start any fitness regiment, it’s important to see where you are so that you can set realistic goals for where you want to be. Always consult your physician before starting any fitness program, and talk to that physician about incorporating l-arginine supplements (Cardio Juvenate) into your daily routine.


After consulting with your doctor, make an appointment with a fitness trainer at your local gym. Licensed and experienced personal trainers will be able to put you through a series of fitness tests to determine exactly where you are and what types of fitness programs you should be starting.


The trainer can evaluate your optimal heart rate zones to help you determine exactly where your heart needs to be in order to gain the greatest cardiovascular benefits. A trainer with experience in cardiovascular health, heart attack recovery and stroke prevention will also analyze your anaerobic threshold, aerobic base and VO2, and from there can create a customized cardio plan for you.


You might also want to consider a stress test to help you understand how your body responds to stress – an important element to maintaining vitality as you age.


Get Started

Once you’ve evaluated a baseline for your fitness program, it’s time to get started. But, getting started is one of the toughest parts.blog_5 tips fitness program


1. Set Realistic Goals: When getting started with a heart healthy fitness program, be realistic with yourself. Is your goal simply to make it to the gym three times a week? Perhaps a realist goal to set is to achieve your optimal, target heart rate for cardiovascular health three times a week. Think small; think slow, and think in the short-term. The biggest reason why most people quit their fitness programs is because they are not seeing results or have set unrealistic goals. Set daily and weekly goals, and go no further then that.


2. Get Techy: I don’t know about you, but I’m a tech nerd, and so if I’m setting up a fitness program for myself I’d initially reward myself with some new fitness tech toys. You’ll absolutely want a heart monitor of some kind, whether it’s in a fitness watch or an app on your phone. Consider some of the many fitness bands available on the market today. This tip fits nicely with tip number one because in using fitness bands and tech products, you can set visual goals for yourself and literally watch as you achieve those goals, whether it’s to reach 10,000 steps a day or to get your heart into that target heart rate zone during workouts.


3. Scheduling: If you don’t schedule your workouts into your daily routine, you won’t go. Schedule your fitness sessions into your calendar just as if you’d schedule any other appointment. Make this appointment with yourself, and keep it.


4. Find a Fitness Buddy: Join a fitness class, a yoga class, an exercise group, or find a workout partner. When someone is depending on you to reach similar goals, you’ll find yourself depending on them as well. You’ll push each other to become heart healthy and stick to the program.


5. Think Happy Thoughts: Having the right mind set during workouts is another key element that will make your fitness goals more attainable. If you dread going to the gym, you simply won’t go and your heart will suffer the consequences. Make your fitness program a habit, be positive about that habit, and soon you’ll find that habit will begin reshaping your thoughts about exercise. Smile at the gym, don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself and find humor in your workouts, and find a fitness buddy who will do the same. Once you start feeling the benefits of your fitness program and you start knocking out those goals, you’re attitude towards exercise will improve and you’ll began to love it.


Attitude is everything, and if you can be positive about your workouts, everything else will come easily. So start today on these steps towards a healthier heart and a happier you!