Menopause is a completely natural phase that women experience. Menopause, also known as “going through the change,” is a natural stage in every woman’s life, which signifies the last time of menstruation. Women can experience premature menopause due to cancer medications they may be taking or a partial hysterectomy they may have had. However, menopause usually occurs when a woman has reached the age of 45 and typically lasts up to 15 years. During this time there will be a change in hormone levels and a significant decrease in estrogen levels. Because of this, a woman’s menstrual period will occur less and eventually completely stop. For some women, menopause is a slight inconvenience that will result in them experiencing some hot flashes and hormone changes and for others menopause can be a major inconvenience that will result in hot flashes, hormone changes, depression, and energy level changes.


Symptoms of Menopause

There are several common symptoms that women experience when going through menopause. For example, difficulty sleeping, decreased libido, night sweats, a lack of skin elasticity, depression, irritability, poor memory, and urinary tract infection. These symptoms are caused by the changes in the levels of hormones.



Arginine is an amino acid that can help women treat the symptoms of menopause, naturally. The most common symptoms that women complain of during menopause are hot flashes, which are caused by the constriction of blood vessels. This is where arginine comes in because it increases elasticity of blood vessels and helps with hot flashes. Endothelial dysfunction is a disorder that affects the regulation of vessels, making blood flow limited. Endothelial dysfunction also occurs because of dissolved nitrogen monoxide. Arginine can help ensure your body has a sufficient supply of blood by counteracting the endothelial dysfunction. This simply means that the frequency and intensity of your hot flashes will decrease. Studies have also shown that arginine in a powder form will help women offset the metabolism decrease and weight increase caused by menopause. Arginine has also been shown to help control blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels, which can play a role in controlling emotions better.



Lysine is an amino acid that blocks arginine absorption in your body’s cells. This allows for more arginine to be stored in your blood plasma and transformed into nitrogen monoxide more quickly. Lysine is a critical amino acid that provides various proteins that are crucial for women during menopause. These proteins include hormones, enzymes, blood plasma carrier proteins, and antibodies. These proteins help the structure of your bones, skin, muscles, and tendons, as well as absorption of calcium in your teeth and bones.


More Than Just Arginine

Arginine can help greatly when it comes to dealing with menopause naturally. However, exercise, sleep, and eating right also play a big role in helping women deal with menopause. By watching what you eat and exercising daily, you are also allowing yourself to develop healthy heart habits that will not only help with menopause, but also help you remain in good health.


Dealing with Hot Flashes

Other ways women can deal with menopause is to avoid eating spicy foods, which will help decrease the hot flashes. Then there is exercise, which will not only help lower hot flashes, but also help improve bone health and heart health. If a woman eliminates alcohol, she can help reduce the amount of hot flashes she experiences.