When it comes to your heart health, eating right, exercising, and not smoking are the three main habits that you will need to adopt in order to ensure good heart health. There are other bad habits that a person my have that will actually lead to bad heart health. Here are a few tips on how you can kick those bad habits and be on your way to new and healthy habits.



Prepare Yourself Mentally

Everyone wants to eat healthy, be in shape, and be in good health, however that is easier said than done. No matter what your goal is weight loss, better nutrition, physically fit, or just better your health by making lifestyle changes, you have to prepare yourself mentally. Making changes to better your heart health is not something that can be done and seen over night, you have to ease into it and prepare yourself for the uncomfortable and stressful times that will come with making these changes.blog_kicking bad habits heart health


Have a Plan

Make a list of habits that you have that are unhealthy and that you want to change, as well as make a list of new habits that you want to adopt. Once you have made these lists, choose start dates for ending new habits and beginning new ones. Do not overwhelm yourself by choosing the same end and start dates for all your bad and new habits, if you do so, the stress will build up and you will want to just give up. Instead, choose a few habits to quit and track your progress, once you are comfortable then choose dates to start your new habits and keep track.


Be Realistic

Because people get excited about the thought of quitting their bad habits and forming new habits, they tend to overwhelm themselves and take on way more than they can handle. If you want to create a new habit of exercising by choosing to use the treadmill everyday, do not start your first day with running for 45 minutes. Instead you will want to ease into it and slowly increase your time and activity level as you start to become more comfortable with your progress. By setting several small goals you are more likely to stick to the new habit and achieve those goals rather than setting one big goal and failing.



To keep on track and stick with a good habit, reward yourself every time you meet a goal. A reward can be as simple as adding a dollar to a jar and using that money to buy yourself a new outfit or go out and do something with friends. Although you are making changes to live a healthier life and maintain good heart health, every once in awhile allow yourself a cheat day and reward yourself with some sort of junk food that you would not normally eat.



Do Not Be Tempted

If you are trying to maintain good heart health and eat healthy, do not leave junk food in your pantry and fridge. Do yourself a favor and clean out your pantry and fridge before you go shopping for healthy foods and begin your new healthy eating. Eating healthy can be hard and the temptation will sometimes always be there, so to keep from falling of track, allow yourself one cheat meal a week, whether it be a candy bar or a hamburger. Over time eating healthy will just come natural and you might not have any temptations to eat unhealthy at all and making healthy choices will comes with easy.