Feeling tired all the time could be a sign of heart failure and poor heart health. It is important to know the signs of heart failure and other heart problems in order to be able to manage and maintain good heart health.


Heart Failure

Heart failure also known as congestive heart failure is caused by coronary artery disease, which occurs, when the arteries that supply blood to your heart muscle become narrowed, due to plaque buildup. Symptoms of heart failure can develop within weeks and months, due to your heart’s ability to not pump the right amount of blood that your body needs. Heart failure usually causes an enlarged heart. Bad heart health can cause heart failure, such as a previous heart attack, heart defects, high blood pressure, and abnormal heart rhythm. Being overweight is a more common symptom of heart failure. Feeling fatigued, sluggish, and run-down are all symptoms of heart failure. If you have heart failure, your doctor will more than likely put you on a low-sodium diet and recommend that you eat heart healthy foods that are low in saturated fats, as well as give you other guidelines to follow in order to bring your energy level up.Blog_tired heart health



Fatigue and your lack of tolerance to exercise are the two most common symptoms of heart failure. Being tired and fatigued all the time occurs because the amount of blood that reaches your muscles and tissues is less, due to the your heart’s reduced pumping ability. When your heart health is poor, your heart’s ability to pump adequately is reduced; the blood is diverted away from the less important and vital organs and sent to your heart, brain, and kidneys. Fatigue can also be caused by our body not being able to remove any waste as quick as it should.



Other Causes of Fatigue

Fatigue is a good indicator of cardiovascular disease in women. In a recent study, of 515 females who survived a heart attack, 70 percent reported having extreme fatigue just a couple of weeks before the heart attack. A low thyroid can cause a person to feel fatigued and sluggish. This is because a low thyroid, just like a high thyroid, causes the hormones in your body to change. In women, being pregnant and having heavy menstrual cycles can cause you to become fatigued. This causes your red blood cells to not deliver the right amount of oxygen to every cell in your body and can also cause a faster heart beat.