Technology has come so far through out the years and what better way to use it, than to help you monitor your heart health and blood pressure. There are many different health apps available for you at the tip of your fingers, but blood pressure apps could be the most beneficial for you.


1.   There is a blood pressure app through Apple called iBP. This app allows you to track and analyze your blood pressure. There are colorful icons that indicate whether your blood pressure is normal, high, or hypertension. The app also has graphs to show you how your blood pressure fluctuates and has or has not improved.

2.   Android offers an app called Blood Pressure (BP) Watch. This app allows you to record you systolic and diastolic readings along with your pulse. Along with recording your blood pressure, this blood pressure app allows you to keep track of all your entries, update and delete your recorded blood pressures, transfers your recordings to graphs, as well as gives you an average of your blood pressure readings.Blog_apps to monitor blood pressure

3.   BP Tracker Lite is a blood pressure app that not only allows you to record all of your blood pressure readings and graphs them, but depending on what your blood pressure is, the app will provide suggested ways to either keep or get your blood pressure back to a normal level.

4.   Apple provides an overall health tracker called Health Tracker Pro. This app allows you to record and track your blood pressure, track your blood sugar levels, track your resting heart rate, and body mass index. The app also offers a section to keep track of your height and weight and log your weight goals. Along with all of the tracking that this app offers, it also offers multiple graphs to show your progress and average of everything you are keeping track of.

5.   When downloading these blood pressure apps, be aware that none of these apps actually take your blood pressure, you will have to get your blood pressure read at either a doctor’s office or at a small clinic. Once you have your blood pressure read, then you can log your blood pressure into any one of these apps in order to help you track your blood pressure.

6.   A majority of these apps offer the same thing as far as tracking your blood pressure, however some do offer a few extra perks, it just depends on which app works for you.