When it comes to drinking soda a lot of people think that they are actually making a better and healthier choice when they choose diet soda over regular. However, that Is not the case, research has shown that drinking just as much diet soda as regular soda can lead to bad heart health and create heart problems.

1.   Women who are postmenopausal and drink two or more diet sodas a day are more likely to have diabetes and high blood pressure, than women who drink diet soda in moderation or not at all.

2.   Research has shown that women who drink two or more diet sodas on a daily basis were not only 30 percent more likely to have bad heart health and heart problems, such as heart attacks and strokes, but they were also 50 percent more likely to die from some form of cardiovascular disease. This is all compared to other women who drink diet soda rarely, if at all.

3.   Whens is comes to heart health and diet soda there is a lot of research that shows many reasons why a person should not so consume diet soda like it is water, just because it is diet does not mean that it is automatically healthy for you.

4.   One research has shown that both regular and diet soda lead to a lower bone density in elderly people.

5.   Another research has shown that the artificial sweeteners in diet soda have caused metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

6.   Some other heart health problems associated with drinking too much diet soda are, coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, ischemic stroke, peripheral arterial disease and cardiovascular death. These are heart health problems and diseases that add up over a period of time from drinking diet soda on a regular basis and consuming multiple servings a day. However, these problems will not occur suddenly. So, if you just started drinking diet soda in the past few weeks or months, you will be ok as long as you cut back to drinking only one diet soda occasionally and not everyday.