Negative emotions and feelings, such as depression, anger, and built up stress, can lead to a heart attack or stroke. There is however, one thing that could have you living with a healthier heart, happiness. Happiness can be an important key factor in maintaining good heart health.

1.   When you happen to experience something that ends up being positive, take a few seconds or minutes and enjoy the moment. Let yourself absorb the feeling of joy and happiness through your mind, emotions, and body.

2.   If you happen to experience any negative stressors or situations that might leave you depressed, take and lock them away for a bit. Negativity can lead to bad heart health and by taking these negative problems and setting them aside and returning to them later, you are allowing yourself to mentally and physically reset itself in order to feel happiness again, which in return will lead to good heart health.

3.   Another way to feel that happiness when you start to feel overwhelmed or angry is to try and focus on your breathing, focus on your heart, and gain a good rhythm of breathing. While maintaining a good rhythm, think about something positive, think about a moment when you felt happy and not so worried about anything. Try and maintain this moment of happiness for a couple of minutes.

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4.   An important thing to realize is that if you continue to practice and get in the habit of being able to set negativity aside for a brief second in order to feel happy again, it will eventually start to come naturally. Setting your negative problems aside and focusing on being happy will no longer seem like a process or steps that you have to take, you will simply be able to change your frame of mind from negative to positive.

By taking your negative feeling and problems and setting them aside for a moment in order to allow yourself to feel happy again, even for a minute, can lead to good heart health. Happiness is important when it comes to a healthy heart, because by being happy you are not allowing yourself to build up unwanted stress that can cause high blood pressure, which in return can lead to heart problems.