It is important that for good heart health, single or married, you keep your stress levels down, which in return will keep your blood pressure down, leading to less of a risk for heart disease or other heart problems. Studies over the recent years have shown that unmarried men and women were more likely to have a heart attack than married men and women. Exercising and eating healthy are of course the obvious ways to good heart health, but believe it or not, being married can also lead to a healthy heart.


Doctors believe that married people have healthier lifestyle habits and more support when it comes to health, than unmarried people. With married couples they have more assistance when it comes to their heart health. Married couples are more likely to remind each other when to take their medications. Along with the reminders about medication, partners will also encourage one another to go to the doctor regularly, as well as encourage each other to eat healthier. It is also known that being married offers a good support system when it comes to trying to quit smoking, which if done, can lead to less heart risks.


A key to good heart health is to lower your level of stress and married couples are more there to support each other and help keep those stress levels down. High stress levels can lead to high blood pressure, which is not good for your heart. So, it is important that for good heart health you try and keep each other’s stress levels down in order to keep your blood pressure down.


Just because you are married does not guarantee good heart health. While married couples are shown to have lower stress levels and lower blood pressure, which leads to a lower risk of heart disease, some married couples can be at the same level of risk as single people. This is due to some married couples being helpful to each other some of the times and not so much the other times. These couples have been shown to have higher levels of stress and blood pressure.