It may be likely that someone or even a few people in your family have heart disease, but that does not mean that you have to have it. You can lower your chances of having heart disease by making a few decisions that can lead to good heart health.

These days, there are so many articles on what foods are good and bad for you, which makes knowing what heart healthy diet is at best, confusing. A few key tips can help you be on your way to a long lasting, healthier lifestyle.


  1. Be sure to eat a diet that is rich in fruits, whole, grains, fiber and vegetables. To do this, be sure that your meals are low in saturated fats. When planning your meals, be sure to include vegetables and lean meat. Adding a quality protein is also a great source for heart health. Eating fish twice a week can lead to a healthier heart. Get your nutrients from the actual food itself. The antioxidants and other heart health nutrients from foods, such as various berries, beans, and other vegetables, have more of an impact when in a solid food form rather than when being broken down or processed.
  2. Keep your saturated fats, cholesterol, and salt intake to a minimum. To help with this, try and choose items that are fat-free or low-fat. Lowering your trans fat will help as well.
  3. Try and avoid all the fad diets that are out there. These fad diets can help with quick weight loss, which is great, however they are short-term. Maintaining a healthy weight can help you avoid your chances of getting heart disease and lead to better heart health.
  4. Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in a little exercise with a busy lifestyle, but exercise is key to heart health. If you are not overweight, just 30 minutes a day, five or more times a week can lead to a healthier heart.
  5. The most important key to successful heart health, is not smoking. Smoking not only increases your chances of heart disease, but it also leads to other health problems that contribute to an unhealthy heart, such as increased blood pressure and lowers the levels of good cholesterol.

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