Arginine is an essential amino acid that has received much attention recently for its numerous health and cardiovascular benefits. Several studies have proven that it can help with several different conditions including angina (chronic chest pain), diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, sexual dysfunction and more.

Arginine may be effective for treating angina

A study found that arginine supplemented at 700 mg 4 times per day can be effective at supporting nitroglycerin treatments for patients with angina. Patients with angina can become tolerant to nitroglycerin because its effect on the body decreases over time, and the study found that the amino acid could actually prevent tolerance from developing in some people.

Arginine may help improve insulin performance for people with diabetes

The effects of arginine on people with diabetes are another area of research interest. Several studies have found that the amino acid can improve circulation for diabetic patients. One study found that diabetic ulcers healed faster for patients who received arginine treatments at the wound site. Eight out of the 11 patients had their wounds completely healed, which strongly suggested that it could be used to treat ulcers in diabetic patients. Other studies have found circulation improvements in diabetic patients who take arginine regularly.

Several studies have found that arginine may lower blood pressure

Several other studies have been performed on the effectiveness of the amino acid at lowering blood pressure. These studies are common because of the interest in preventing high blood pressure, as it is one of the leading causes of early death and can result in many health complications. Another study on arginine showed that it could lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. The study found that patients with high blood pressure who took the amino acid in a dose of 4 to 24 grams per day showed a reduction in blood pressure.

Arginine may improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction

The natural amino acid may also improve symptoms of erectile and sexual dysfunction by improving circulation. A study that was published in BJU International studied the effects of arginine on 50 men with erectile dysfunction who took the supplement at a rate of 5 grams per day. The men who took the supplement showed improvements in the symptoms of their erectile dysfunction compared to the men who took just a placebo supplement. It is thought to work in a similar fashion as sildenafil (Viagra) to improve sexual dysfunction symptoms by improving blood flow.