Those who are obese or overweight still have a higher risk of heart disease than others, but they can do many different things to reduce their risk of heart disease including exercising, controlling their cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and controlling blood pressure by using an arginine supplement and with other methods.


Blood pressure can be controlled with an arginine supplement

The three major health risk factors are cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, and blood pressure in particular is very important. Those who are overweight can try taking an arginine supplement to help control their blood pressure.

An arginine supplement can maintain a healthy blood pressure or even lower high blood pressure by allowing blood to flow more freely throughout the body and with less resistance by increasing nitric oxide production, and an arginine supplement is also one of the best supplements to take for overall circulation health. Those who are overweight can speak with a physician to find out if an arginine supplement might benefit them.


Overweight people still face higher risks

Even if overweight people control their blood pressure with an arginine supplement and control cholesterol and blood sugar with healthy eating and exercise, they are still at a higher risk of illness than other people. So in the end, weight does matter, and those who are overweight should do their best to reduce their BMI with healthy eating and as much exercise as possible. Although taking an arginine supplement can certainly help reduce heart disease risk, it is only one of several steps that an overweight person should take to reduce their chance of cardiovascular illness.


It is still not clear why weight matters

Obesity in general is being treated more aggressively in the United States, and the science is showing that there are many health benefits that are gained from losing weight. There is still research being done as to why weight is a major factor in heart disease risk and risk for other illnesses, but the evidence is clear that there is an association. Those who are struggling with weight problems should take an arginine supplement along with other supplements that can reduce their risk of heart problems, while they try their best to maintain a healthy weight.