On September 29th, World Heart Day was celebrated in 118 countries throughout the world and helped continue to build awareness of the dangers of cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death globally. World Heart Day featured many events including marathons, concerts, speaking events and more. Fitness sessions and free medical checkups were also offered in many parts of the U.S. to educate the public and encourage regular healthy activities and checkups.


The purpose of World Heart Day is to raise awareness about the preventative methods that a person can take to reduce their chance of developing heart disease throughout their entire life. The premature deaths that are caused by heart disease can be prevented, according to the World Heart Foundation and the CDC.


Supplements like arginine may help to prevent heart disease and are sometimes overlooked in how beneficial they can be when discussing the ways to prevent heart disease. Arginine, omega 3 fish oil, coenzyme-Q, and many other supplements play an important role in preventing and reversing the development of heart disease and high blood pressure. Arginine and other supplements are easy to incorporate into a daily routine to reduce your chance of developing heart disease. Arginine is also affordable and has many bonus health benefits.


In combination with the other methods of preventing heart disease, arginine can be a very effective at maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Scientific research has documented the correlation between high blood pressure and the artery damage that leads to cardiovascular disease. Arginine is known to prevent the development of high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for developing hypertensive heart disease. Arginine may also help to prevent artery damage. Arginine also helps to prevent other heart ailments such as heart failure, ischemic heart disease (reduced blood supply to the heart), and others by maintaining a healthy blood pressure.


To celebrate World Heart Day, make a commitment to get checked up annually, eat a healthy diet, exercise, and take arginine and other beneficial supplements regularly. Your blood pressure should also be regularly checked along with your cholesterol levels, body fat percentage, BMI and other health measurements that can predict your risk of heart disease and help you prevent heart ailments.