High blood pressure is a concern for millions of Americans, and although there are many natural ways to

reduce blood pressure such as exercise, dieting, arginine supplements, and more, many people still rely

exclusively on blood pressure medication. If possible, natural methods should be used to reduce blood

pressure instead of medication or in combination with medication. There are a number of natural ways to lower

blood pressure that are very easy to implement into a daily routine.



1.) Walking – Going for a power walk after a meal or on a break has been shown to lower blood pressure,

and 30 minutes per day is recommended for the best effect. Speed and distance can be increased for

a better workout.


2.) Arginine Supplements – Arginine has been proven to lower blood pressure in scientific trials and

can maintain low blood pressure for aging adults. It can be taken on a daily basis and lowers blood

pressure over time by relaxing blood vessels in the body. Arginine is a natural amino acid that is

normally taken in combination with other natural supplements to reduce blood pressure. Arginine is

safe to take for virtually anyone, and arginine is readily available in supplement form.


3.) Breathing Exercises – Yoga and related meditative practices emphasize slow breathing and clearing

negative thoughts which in turn reduce stress hormones that can raise blood pressure. Deep breathing

exercises also train the body to relax in response to stressors.


4.) Dieting – Foods that are rich in arginine and low in sodium can lower blood pressure. Foods with high

arginine levels include peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, red meat, soy, whole grains, eggs from

grass fed free range hens, and seafood. These arginine rich foods have other beneficial effects on the

heart and body, and as a general rule sodium should be reduced to a bare minimum in a diet designed

to lower blood pressure.


5.) Music – Scientific studies have shown that playing soothing classical music while practicing slow deep

breathing can reduce blood pressure. Other genres of relaxing music such as new age and smooth

jazz can have a similar effect.



In general, the methods that are used to naturally lower blood pressure involve some form of a positive change

in dieting and supplements, stress levels, and exercise. Relaxation exercises in their various forms are one

of the most effective ways of lowering blood pressure. Arginine supplements and other natural methods

of lowering blood pressure should all be considered as a way to lower blood pressure without reliance on