Even though there have been many advances in modern medicine to lower high blood pressure, it remains a major cause of death and disability in the United States. High blood pressure leads to many problems including an increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, artery and kidney disease and more. Just a small increase in blood pressure is associated with decreased life expectancy. 


Many Americans have begun taking preventative steps to improve their health and prevent this dangerous condition. Taking an arginine supplement on a regular basis has shown to be highly effective in preventing and reducing high blood pressure and benefiting the heart and cardiovascular system in many ways. An arginine supplement can be combined with diets that reduce blood pressure as a way to naturally lower blood pressure without a need for medication.


The Nobel Prize in 1998 was awarded to a group of scientists who discovered the effects of nitric oxide on the body.  Arginine is a precursor for nitric oxide which in turn causes blood vessels in the body to dilate and relax. The dilation of the blood vessels reduces resistance to blood flow in the body and lowers blood pressure. A regular arginine supplement can ensure that the body is producing enough nitric oxide.


Taking an arginine supplement is safe because the body can easily excrete extra amounts of it, and it is not toxic. An arginine supplement is commonly taken in combination with natural dietary additions that can reduce blood pressure such as pomegranate juice, seafood, nuts, and other arginine rich foods. Studies have shown that taking an arginine supplement can also help reduce chest pain in patients with chronic angina (heart pain), and improve symptoms among those with coronary artery disease.


Most people can take an arginine supplement without any issues. Those who are already taking a blood pressure medication should ask their doctor before taking an arginine supplement. In the vast majority of cases taking a regular arginine supplement is a safe and natural way to reduce high blood pressure and minimize the chance of developing any of the serious ailments associated with high blood pressure.