High blood pressure is normally reduced with medication as prescribed by a physician. However, natural methods like dieting, taking supplements, stress control and relaxation, and exercising can be used to lower blood pressure and offer a long term solution without side effects. Arginine is a natural amino acid that has shown to be effective at reducing blood pressure when taken as a supplement in controlled studies. Arginine also can be used as a complimentary treatment for those who are on blood pressure reducing medication.


Chronic high blood pressure when left untreated can eventually progress into many serious ailments. High blood pressure can lead to a stroke, kidney failure, or a heart attack if it is not lowered using medication as prescribed by a physician and supplements like arginine and through a diet and exercise. Reducing dietary salt is one major dietary method of naturally lowering blood pressure, but foods and supplements containing arginine have also been shown to reduce blood pressure. Natural methods for lowering blood pressure usually have longer lasting results as they incorporate major lifestyle changes.


The DASH diet (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) has been shown to be effective at reducing high blood pressure naturally, and can be combined arginine supplements and other natural supplements. The diet focuses on restricting foods that are high in sodium and increasing the consumption of foods that benefit the heart and cardiovascular system. The diet itself has a large number of foods that are high in arginine such as soy, seafood, whole grains, and nuts. Although many vegetables do not contain high levels of arginine, some vegetables like lentils and spinach do have high levels of arginine..


Stress control is another important but often overlooked aspect of blood pressure, and exercise and stress controlling practices like yoga and meditation are scientifically proven to lower blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure effectively and quickly requires a balanced approach. Supplements like arginine can reduce high blood pressure, but a blood pressure reducing diet such as the DASH diet along with regular exercise are also important. If a multi-faceted approach is taken to lower blood pressure, it is much more likely that a person can see results quickly.