High cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis and to the development of life threatening artery plaques which can cause a stroke or heart attack. Fortunately, high cholesterol levels can be lowered naturally through dieting and by taking supplements that reduce cholesterol. Arginine, which can be found naturally in a number of foods and in supplement form, is shown to lower cholesterol naturally. Arginine also improves blood flow throughout the body and reduces the chance of bad cholesterol turning into artery clogging plaques. Taking it in combination with other cholesterol lowering supplements is an effective preventative approach to reducing levels of bad cholesterol.


The Research

Although it is not clear yet exactly how arginine lowers cholesterol, there have been scientific studies that have proven that arginine supplementation can reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body. A Stanford study found that among those with high cholesterol levels, arginine reduced the chance of blood platelets to clump up and form plaques. Another study in Baltimore found that arginine reduced LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) without affecting levels of good HDL cholesterol. Many other studies have proven that arginine can improve blood flow and heart function in those with high cholesterol levels.


To reduce high cholesterol levels naturally it is important to eat foods that reduce LDL cholesterol and maintain HDL cholesterol. It is no coincidence that foods that are high in arginine such as nuts, seafood, low fat dairy and almonds also happen to have other beneficial effects on the body. Several studies have shown that nut consumption can reduce cholesterol levels. High levels of arginine can be found in peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, and many others. Nuts also have high levels of Vitamin E which is also shown to protect the body against the harmful effects of oxidized LDL cholesterol. To get the most benefit, nuts should be eaten as close to their natural form as possible without sugar or much salt added.


A diet that is rich in fiber can also naturally lower cholesterol. Oats and high fiber foods bind to bile in the digestive tract and remove cholesterol naturally from the body. Consuming vegetable oils such as soybean oil may result in increased bad cholesterol levels, and natural oils such as olive oil can be substituted for vegetable oils in cooking. In additional to a healthy diet, supplements that reduce cholesterol levels should be taken to naturally lower cholesterol levels. Arginine can be taken as a supplement in combination with other cholesterol lowering supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, B vitamins, and many others. Incorporating an arginine supplement that includes other beneficial supplements into your daily routine can be effective at naturally lowering cholesterol levels.