Maintaining low blood pressure is critical to reducing the chance of life threatening ailments such as heart disease and stroke. A diet that is low in sodium and simple sugars is essential to maintaining a low blood pressure. Along with dieting, taking a regular arginine supplement and other supplements that benefit the cardiovascular system you can maintain a normal blood pressure successfully and naturally.


The Research

Scientific research has shown that diets like the DASH diet, stress reducing techniques, and taking an arginine supplement can all help to maintain a low blood pressure and even lower high blood pressure. One study found that taking an arginine supplement on a regular basis significantly lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The study mentioned that arginine may lower blood pressure by increasing the production of nitric oxide and increasing the availability of nitric oxide in the blood vessels and smooth muscle. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and allows blood to flow through them with less resistance, thus reducing blood pressure.


In addition, the researchers of the same study mentioned taking an arginine supplement may also reduce insulin resistance in the body. Insulin resistance is the root cause of diabetes and is thought to be one of the causes of hypertension for people with diabetes. Some researchers believe that insulin resistance results in the body retaining more sodium. Sodium retention is a known cause for high blood pressure, and it may be reason why over two-thirds of those with diabetes also have hypertension.


With scientific studies having proven that taking an arginine supplement can reduce high blood pressure, many physicians are now recommending taking an arginine supplement to help prevent high blood pressure. An oral arginine supplement can have many other positive effects on the body pressure such as improved blood flow to all parts of the body, increased stamina and libido, improved organ function, and many other benefits.


Taking an arginine supplement is a safe and natural method of maintaining low blood pressure without harmful side effects. An arginine supplement can be taken in combination with the DASH diet or another diet that is high in fruits and vegetables and lean meat to maintain a low blood pressure. Stress control and exercise are also important for controlling blood pressure. Taking an arginine supplement is an easy way to maintain a healthy blood pressure and circulatory system and is scientifically shown to be effective at doing so.