With over 60 million Americans suffering from some form of cardiovascular disease, many Americans are becoming interested in supplements that can benefit the heart and cardiovascular system and prevent the development of cardiac diseases.


Arginine for Heart Disease

Arginine has received much attention for its numerous benefits on the heart and body. Arginine is the amino acid used in the body as the precursor to nitric oxide, and nitric oxide has a wide range of beneficial effects on the body and heart. Along with arginine, omega-3 fatty acids also benefit the heart, and fish oil contains the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids. There are many other supplements like Co-enzyme Q, niacin, garlic, vitamin D and more that are readily available and have a beneficial effect on the heart. Each supplement has its own unique cardiac benefits.


Arginine can be used as a supplement to improve blood vessel conditions such as coronary artery disease, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, pain due to blocked arteries in the limbs, and other vascular diseases. It improves blood flow to the heart which can lessen the effects of clogged arteries. It is a safe supplement to take for adults over the age of 18. For children and pregnant women, and those who have recently suffered a heart attack, a doctor should be consulted before supplementing with arginine.


High blood pressure is caused by resistance in the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure is a dangerous condition that can lead to many different diseases including hypertensive heart disease, heart failure, ischemic heart disease, and many other problems. Those with high blood pressure are also at a higher risk of stroke or heart attack. For those with high blood pressure, reducing the blood pressure as quickly as possible through diet, exercise, medication and supplements is imperative.


Arginine has been scientifically shown to lower blood pressure. Arginine can reduce blood pressure by widening the blood vessels and reducing resistance in the cardiovascular system. A study found that arginine reduced blood pressure both in patients with high blood pressure and normal blood pressure. There are many other side benefits of taking arginine such as faster wound healing, increased production of growth hormone and protein synthesis, and more.