If you are suffering from high blood pressure – otherwise known as hypertension, you might be concerned about what medications to take so that your blood pressure is kept down. Arginine Supplements could be one of the answers you are looking at. But, apart from these supplementary medications – lifestyle plays a big role in reducing high blood pressure.


Arginine Supplements can help lower blood pressure but it cannot sustain it if you are not making any lifestyle changes. In fact, lifestyle alone may be enough to increase or decrease your blood pressure even without taking Arginine Supplements.


To support the effects of Arginine Supplements, below are lifestyle changes you must make to keep your blood pressure down –


Lose Weight

If you are taking Arginine Supplements, you must know that it contains L-arginine, which is a naturally occurring amino acid. It helps get rid of body waste and helps in the synthesis of proteins. Malnutrition – regardless of whether overweight or underweight – can impair your ability to produce L-arginine, which will eventually cause impairment in getting rid of body wastes.


Being overweight runs you at risk for hypertension. So, apart from taking Arginine Supplements you should consider losing weight even just about 10 lbs. or approximately 4.5 kg. Generally, blood pressure is directly proportional to weight – which means that blood pressure increases as weight increases. So, the best way to reduce blood pressure would be to lose weight.



Keeping your body in shape is important if you want to reduce blood pressure and keep the numbers down. Exercise when done along with taking Arginine Supplements can help lower your blood pressure. Exercise alone can reduce blood pressure to about 4-9 mmHg. If you do it along with Arginine Supplements, reduction of blood pressure will not take long to take effect. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the fastest ways to increase blood pressure so if you don’t want to suffer hypertension make sure you get adequate activity for at least 30 minutes in most days of a week. You can also take Arginine Supplements if you want to boost the effect of exercise.


Balanced Diet

The surest way to prevent hypertension is making sure you take balanced diet along with Arginine Supplements. A balanced diet can bring you enough nutrients while Arginine Supplements can get rid of accumulated body wastes. Your diet can significantly reduce blood pressure and as the body excretes toxic body wastes through Arginine Supplements your body can now fight off increased blood pressure.