Being a president is rough. From George W. Bush all the way back to Andrew Jackson in the mid-1800’s, stress has affected many past presidents, especially when it comes to heart health. According to, some of the greatest and most influential presidents throughout history have struggled with heart disease, and it’s no coincidence. Stress places a great deal of pressure on the cardiovascular system, as does poor sleep habits, both of which are experienced by United States presidents.


Former President George W. Bush underwent surgery yesterday to ease a blocked artery, or as we at like to say, clear up the drains. Blocked arteries spell bad news for your cardiovascular system, leading to heart disease and stroke, even death. These types of blockages need to be ‘cleaned up’ immediately after detection, but therein lies the rub – not everyone gets the Presidential Physical every year. In fact, many U.S. adults don’t even know what their blood pressure or cholesterol levels are.


The blockage in President Bush’s artery was found during his annual physical. Artery blockages like this one can be caused by poor diet, poor exercise routine, or a combination of things, including stress. President Bush has always been known to be a bit of a fitness buff, but back in the day he was also known for his drinking habits. Can bad habits in the past come back to haunt you as they have President Bush?


As Americans learn more and more about the factors that contribute to heart disease, they are beginning to change their ways. In fact, obesity rates are slightly dropping, as are heart disease cases.  We are learning to change our habits for the better, and yet, many still struggle with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Why?


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