It’s not often that we get a visual such as this – one that puts all of our teachings, all of our attempts to educate our readers on the importance of maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system as this. Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system with the help of arginine supplements keeps your blood circulating freely, efficiently, and keeps every cell in your body healthy and strong. A robust cardiovascular system can improve your immune system, improve your mood, and even improve your sex life. Clogged arteries and a slow moving cardiovascular system can lead to serious complications.


Clogged Drains

A city’s sewer and drainage system can somewhat be likened to an individual’s cardiovascular system. Both circulate fluid, both work efficiently, both serve a very important purpose, and should either one of them become clogged or slow they both wreak horrible consequences.


Such is the case recently in London, where 16.5 tons, yes that tons, of fat was found clogging the tunnels of the sewer system. This build up was literally from tons of cooking fat combined with moist towelettes. Disgusting right? And yet, educational. The blockage had limited London’s sewage capacity to just 5%.


“CCTV investigations in London Road found the mound of fat had reduced the 70x48cm sewer to just five per cent of its normal capacity,” says Thames Water Utilities in London.


And, as the Smithsonian Magazine states, like an artery stuffed with plaque can lead to a heart attack, the tons and tons of fat clogging up London’s sewers were slowly choking the city.


The remarkable thing about this story is the video. It is a drip down the sewers of London, and yet a trip down the arteries of anybody struggling with high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. Just as the fat built up on the walls of these drains and pipes, plaque builds up on the walls of your arteries. Over time, with poor diet, or in the London drain situation poor maintenance, the plaque build up can reduce blood flow, resulting in completely clogged drains, or completely blocked arteries.


Arginine and Draino

Think of arginine as your body’s Draino. Arginine helps to facilitate healthy blood flow by widening the arteries, thus making more room, essentially, for blood to flow through efficiently. Any limited plaque build up becomes removed by healthy blood flow.


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