Americans without insurance are making tough calls about buying their heart medications. Could solutions like arginine supplements as an alternative possibly be an option? Sadly so many people are able to access high quality insurance that allows them to get the treatment they need for heart disease. If people can no longer afford heart medications, arginine supplements may be able to help them manage certain types of heart disease.


Heart Disease Going Untreated Due to Insurance

A ground of around 61,000 Americans were recently researched by experts who do not have health insurance. This information showed that they were somewhere between 6 percent to 12 percent less likely to have access to the drugs they were prescribed due to financial constraints — this is of course compared to people who do have public or private health insurance. These people are also far less likely to go in for screening or preventive care when they do not have health insurance.


While people who have private or public health insurance receive about the same number of prescriptions, the uninsured patients were found to be less likely to even be prescribed drugs to begin with. A recent study showed that around 73 percent of people without insurance were prescribed beta blocker medication after a heart attack — while a much higher number of insured patients were prescribed beta blockers, 81 percent. Along those same lines, 89 percent of people without insurance were prescribed medication for high blood pressure and people with insurance are prescribed high blood medication at a much higher rate of 95 percent.


When People Turn to Arginine Supplements

People often turn to arginine supplements because they cannot afford health insurance but still need help treating certain health conditions. Arginine supplements are frequently used by people who have high blood pressure or high LDL cholesterol. This alternative treatment, arginine supplements has proven effectiveness in many people. Arginine supplements work by promoting the production of nitric acid in the body — nitric acid promotes blood flow, better oxygenated blood in the body, and the elimination of toxins. People who use the alternative therapies like arginine supplements see results comparable to prescription medications in some cases.