A new report shows that it is especially important for those who work in law enforcement areas to take steps like using arginine supplements and living healthy. New information shows that cops are having more fatal heart attacks than ever before. Find out why cops should be taking arginine supplements and watching their health more closely to avoid early death from heart disease.


More Officers Having Heart Attacks

According to USA Today, the amount of fatal heart attacks amongst officers is mounting quickly. What’s startling right off the bat is that the victims of heart attacks in officers are majorly people who are under the age of 50 years old! Two different police groups collected data on the 58 officers who have died this year and 9 of those were from heart attacks. Officer deaths overall are down slightly from last year — down around 2% from last year. Nine may not seem like a huge number, but it is actually more than all of the year of 2012 in total. This has raised serious concern about heart attacks amongst officers and highlights the increased occupational health of heart attacks. Common risk factors of heart attacks are heart disease, hypertension, obesity, smoking, inactive lifestyles, and sudden physical stress — all of which officers seem to face at a higher rate than people in other professions.


How Do Arginine Supplements Help?

For people in higher risk groups when it comes to heart disease, arginine supplements can have a major benefits. Arginine supplements work to reduce blood pressure firstly — blood pressure is a major contributor to heart disease and can be made worse by the kinds of stress a cop would feel. Arginine supplements also work by lowering LDL cholesterol. In addition to heart benefits, arginine supplements also have benefits for your brain and any part of your body which needs quality blood flow (which is every major system in your body!). Your arginine supplements should be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle — just taking arginine supplements alone won’t correct major issues due to poor diet, obesity, and smoking.