Are you at risk for heart disease? Well, there’s a very simple test to determine that – one that you can do yourself. Do you have high blood pressure? Do you have high cholesterol? Did you know that if you can get these two elements of your cardiovascular system under control, you can cut your risk for heart disease in HALF!? Find out how arginine supplements can help you achieve this.


The New Heart Study

A person’s risk of heart disease could be halved — at the least — by controlling high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but this feat is only accomplished by fewer than one in three people, according to a new study in the journal Circulation.


The article, posted in The Huffington Post, goes on to state that researchers found a link between visiting the doctor at least twice a year and controlled blood pressure and cholesterol.


The Scary Heart Facts

When was the last time you visited your family physician for a physical? Had your blood pressure checked? Had your cholesterol levels examined? Ran through some stress tests at the gym? If you’re like the majority of Americans, you probably don’t have the right answers to these questions.


The American Heart Association recently released an updated 2013 report on heart disease and stroke. From the Top Ten Things to Know About Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics, here are some take-aways:


Physical Activity – Only 21% of adults meet the federal guidelines for physical activity.


Healthy Diet – Less then 1% of U.S. adults meet the definition of “Ideal Healthy Diet”; essentially no children meet the goal.


Body Mass Index – The estimated prevalence of overweight and obesity in U.S. adults is 155 million, which represents 68% of this group. Among children, 32% are overweight and obese (24 million children) and 17% are obese (13 million children).


Cholesterol – An estimated 32 million adults have total serum cholesterol levels ?240 mg/dL, with a prevalence of 14%.


Hypertension – An estimated 78 million U.S. adults are hypertensive. About 82% are aware of their condition and 75% are using antihypertensive medication, but only 53% of those have their condition controlled.


Diabetes – An estimated 20 million adults have physician-diagnosed diabetes. An additional 8 million adults have undiagnosed diabetes and about 87 million adults have prediabetes.


Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Arginine

By lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol, you can cut your risk for heart disease in half! Simply speaking, if you have no idea what your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are, you are statistically at a much higher rate for being at great risk for heart disease.


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