There are certain health-related subjects that are still somewhat taboo in mainstream media. Erectile Dysfunction is one of those topics that is subtly talked about, but not generally specifically mentioned. However, that is starting to change, and it’s time you knew how important cardiovascular health and arginine is for your sex life.


Male Sexual Issues

Erectile Dysfunction and other arousal disorders are directly related to cardiovascular health, or how well your heart and circulatory system function. Healthy blood flow is essential to a happy and strong sex life.


Medically speaking, in men, blood flow to erectile tissue produces an erection and stimulates the prostate gland to start releasing pre-ejaculatory fluid. Blood flow also benefits women by increasing the clitoris’s size and sensation and by enhancing vaginal lubrication, according to


And, as we’ve been talking about for a few days now, blood flow to the brain is also an important element of a healthy sex life. In fact, the medical profession will tell you that the brain is actually the “biggest sex organ,” and by ensuring proper flow of hormone signals back and forth from the brain to the genitals you can improve your sex life.


In most situations, when men work up the courage to talk to their doctor about erectile dysfunction and a possible Viagra prescription, their faced with atherosclerosis or many other cardiovascular problems as the ultimate diagnosis. Healthy circulation, optimum blood flow, is essential in every aspect of our lives, including our sex lives.


So, how can we improve blood flow and rejuvenate our sex lives naturally, without prescriptions like Viagra? Cardio Juvenate Plus with arginine!


Viagra Side Effects

Viagra has changed the lives of many men around the world. However, as with all prescription medications, Viagra comes with many side effects, from headaches to nosebleeds, eyesight problems to joint pain, and indigestion to water retention. And these are the more common side effects. The less common, but documented side effects of Viagra can include depression, cataracts and eye disease caused by blood flow problems, hearing loss, blood clots in the brain, and seizures. While rare, these are still documented side effects.



Naturally Improve Blood Flow and Improve Sex Life 

I think I’ll let explain how important l-arginine is to healthy blood flow:


“If you want more nitric oxide, you need more of the amino acid L-arginine,” says Dr. Elizabeth Owings, a Missouri-based physician who is passionate about the benefits of L-arginine. Viagra and other members of a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors also influence nitric oxide – but they only enhance its effects. On the other hand, L-arginine helps your body produce more nitric acid, improving blood flow all over.


L-arginine is naturally found in protein-rich foods such as peanuts and walnuts, meats, seafood and legumes such as soybean and chickpeas, but you may need a supplement to give your sex life that extra boost.


Although more research is needed, some evidence suggests that supplemental L-arginine may have sexual benefits for both men and women. A 1999 study of men with ED found that those who took L-arginine for six weeks had greater improvement in symptoms than those who didn’t take this supplement. And a 2002 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior showed that women who took a combination of L-arginine and the herb yohimbine experienced more signs of sexual arousal while watching an erotic film than those who took a placebo.


Dr. Owings recommends that healthy people try taking 5 grams of L-arginine a day and points out that this supplement appears to lack the side effects associated with PDE inhibitors, including visual disturbances and hearing problems.