At, we’re a bit self-conscious when it comes to natural health. We think about what we’re putting in our bodies at all times. We’re also always thinking about getting to the gym, getting in that run, or setting our mind at ease with yoga to reduce stress on the heart. However, I came across this very interesting study citing how important our thoughts about stress can be.


Thinking About Stress

According to Medical Daily, a report published in the European Heart Journal, found that even thinking about stress could create more stress.


“One of the important messages from our findings is that people’s perceptions about the impact of stress on their healthy are likely to be correct,” one of the researchers stated.


According to WebMD, researchers found that these people had double the risk of a heart attack compared with people who didn’t think stress was harming their health.


This is amazing to me. Heart health is intricately tied to many aspects of our daily lives, from what we eat, to what arginine supplements we take, to how often we exercise, to how stressed we are. And now we are learning just how intricately heart health is tied to the power of thought.


So, this is the point where we’d usually provide tips and suggestions to avoid stress. However, the purpose of this article isn’t necessarily to avoid stress but to avoid thinking about stress, even more difficult.


Arginine Supplements

Arginine supplements can’t change the way you think…or can they? Arginine supplements like Cardio Juvenate can improve cardiovascular health, which can decrease your risk for heart disease. And while there have been many studies tying arginine to improved blood flow, there are still many skeptics out there. What if you believed how effective arginine supplements were, instead of remaining skeptical? What if you gave them a try with an open mind and a stress-free conscious? Would they, in fact, work better?


And, since arginine has been clinically proven to improve circulation and decrease heart disease risk, can a healthier body lead to a healthier mind? Yes, of course it can! When you’re cardiovascular system is in full swing, pumping at 110%, your brain is getting all of the oxygen it could ever need. Thus, it’s working at it’s maximum ability, knocking out any fear, doubt, and feeling only confidence.


Distracting Your Mind

So, if thinking about stress can increase your risk for heart disease, you have to learn how to change your thinking, which is not an easy thing to do. In becoming heart healthy, you need to change your daily habits, which can absolutely be done with a little will power. But, in order to decrease your risk for heart disease all together, you need to change your thinking. Here’s how:


  1. Recognize the thought pattern – The first step in any recovery process is to understand and recognize the problem. If you’re worried about how stress will affect your heart health, you need to catch yourself in a worry moment and recognize it. Pinpoint it, and we can move to step two.
  2. When you use this thought pattern the most – In order to change a thought pattern, like stressing about heart health, you need be fully aware of when these thought patterns occur most frequently. Do you worry more when you’re tired? When you’ve eaten certain foods? When a particular family member visits?
  3. Replace the thought pattern – Now that you recognize the negative thoughts exist, and you know when they will start to creep up on you, you can start replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones. This is the toughest part, because it always sounds strange to your mind to give itself compliments instead of giving itself worry and stress. For example, when you start to stress and think “Don’t stress about the gym, you’ll only increase your blood pressure,” you can replace that thought with “I definitely can make time for the gym today. If I miss it, I know I’ll work that much harder tomorrow.” Turn that stress button into a positive, reassuring idea.


Yes, arginine supplements like Cardio Juvenate can take you very far in terms of achieving heart health, but your mindset also plays a huge role. Learn how to change your thought patterns to allow for arginine supplements, exercise, and diet fully benefit your heart.