If you follow EraseDisease.com, you should know by now how important diet and exercise, along with Cardio Juvenate, is for heart health. We’re kind of obsessed with natural alternatives to statins and blood pressure medication, which is why we created Cardio Juvenate with arginine. With that said, it should be absolutely no surprise when the news started reporting on a story about a 31-year old female with severe heart problems due to extreme soda consumption. I mean, really?


“Woman Drinks Only Soda for 16 Years, Suffers Heart Problems”

For approximately 15 years, a woman living in Monaco drank soda, soda, and more soda. She had no history of heart problems, and her family had no history of heart or hormone problems. And yet she fainted completely out of the blue and was rushed to the hospital, only to find out that she had severely low potassium levels and a condition called QT Syndrome, which causes erratic heart beats.


Upon discussion with the physicians, she claimed to have had absolutely no water, only soda, for the past 15 years. She drank, according to the news story in the Huffington Post, about 2 liters of cola daily.


Potassium plays a major role in helping a person’s heartbeat normally. Low potassium, as in this woman’s case, can cause problems and abnormalities in heart rhythm.


Technically speaking, potassium helps to trigger your heart’s squeeze of blood throughout the body.


7 Foods Your Heart Will Hate

While we’re on the subject of a healthy diet, let’s talk about the foods you should not be eating. We spend a lot of time talking about the foods to eat, the exercises to do, and, of course, how much arginine supplements to ingest throughout the day. But what about those foods that will greatly damage your heart?


  1. Restaurant Apps – Appetizers at restaurants are delicious, but are also notoriously unhealthy. For the most part, apps are fried or stacked with salt.
  2. Salads – Ok, now I know what you’re thinking. “I thought salads were good for you.” Well, they are, if made with heart health in mind. These days, salads are too big, too saturated in unhealthy dressings, and too packed with toppings like croutons that are unhealthy. Keep your salad light and heart healthy!
  3. Chinese Food – Who doesn’t like some nice takeout every now and then? American made Chinese food is often fried, saturated in sauces, and overwhelmed with salt.
  4. KFC – This one seems obvious, right? I mean, fried chicken – there is no way that is healthy for your heart. And you’re right. In fact, McDonald’s and KFC have some of the worst chicken products, from Popcorn chicken to Chicken McNuggets, fast food is a wonderful way to beat up on your heart.
  5. Frozen Dinners – Anything premade from the grocery store is no better then anything from a fast food restaurant.
  6. Hardee’s Monster Thickburger – This burger contains two 1/3-pound patties of beef, four strips of bacon, three slices of cheese, mayonnaise and butter. Ouch!
  7. Kids Meals – You might think that you’re offering your kids a nice treat by taking them out to eat, but kids meals are the worst for heart health and a horrible way to set a precedent for future heart health.


Did you notice a trend on that list? Fast food! Avoid it at all costs! While arginine supplements can improve your heart health along with diet and exercise, falling off the wagon even once and getting fast food can put all your hard work to shame.