When taking arginine supplements and other similar natural healing agents, you are already exploring what’s known as holistic, or alternative healing. Why not take your efforts including arginine supplements and holistic healing a step further and discover what physical and spiritual healing could be doing for your heart health? Many people who believe in alternative healing practices, like arginine supplements, promote a better mental and physical connection can strengthen your cardiovascular system. The mind body connection can help you become aware of your heart’s needs and also makes you more aware of the choices you are making which impact your cardiovascular health.


Research Shows a Strong Connection Between Heart and Mind

Recent research reveals that how much we know about how our hearts work and how our heart actually heart works with our brains can strengthen both systems. The theory behind the body mind connection and how it promotes heart health is that a calmer mind means a better functioning body. Many believe that you can even control heart rhythm, to a certain extent, when you practice strengthening your mind body connection with techniques like meditation and yoga.


Reducing Stress and Living Calmly Means Better Health

The body mind connection is mainly a way to keep stress out of your life. Stress is a major factor in heart disease and heart attacks, both directly and indirectly. Managing your reaction to stress inducing factors is a major part of strengthening your mind body connection. Stress can lead to hypertension rapid heart rate, and arrhythmia – all dangerous heart disease factors. Feeling stress and not knowing how to manage it also often leads to poor health choices which cause health problems such as smoking, eating junk food, and overeating.


Taking Arginine Supplements for a Healthy Life

Arginine supplements absolutely have their place in strengthening your mind body connection that can help promote heart health. When you take arginine supplements, your body turns this amino acid into nitric oxide. The nitric oxide caused by arginine supplements promote better blood flow and healthier cells. Arginine supplements help many major systems in your body to function as they should. Indirectly, arginine supplements help the heart by helping the brain – arginine supplements help improve learning and memory, and as research suggests, a better brain can help your heart. Arginine supplements also directly strengthen your heart since they tone major vessels, reduce blood pressure, and help to lower LDL cholesterol.