If you are a user of arginine supplements, you already know that treatments for heart disease vary vastly. Preventative options like arginine supplements might help to heed off major cardiovascular illness while other more aggressive treatments for heart failure have come along way in recent years. A new study by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) shows that heart failure remains very high with around 30% of people dying within three years.


Advancements Coming a Long Way but Deaths Still High

What’s happening here is the success rate of treatments is still very low. The main difference is that the timeline is being extended with treatments. People are not dying as suddenly, but the patient’s heart disease still progresses. This field has come a long way over the past fifty years but fatalities are still very high – heart failure is the leading cause of death amongst both men and women in this country. The main causes of heart failure include heart attack, diabetes, hypertension (treatable with arginine supplements!), and viruses. When the heart is deprived of receiving the proper amount of blood, that’s when heart failure is a major risk. Arginine supplements are a very popular natural treatment for people with concerns about blood flow; arginine supplements promote better blood flow and have many other benefits.


Arginine Supplements to Prevent Heart Failure

If you have worries about heart failure, your best defense is prevention of the factors that lead to heart disease. Arginine supplements offer very promising effects for people who want to take steps towards a healthier heart. When you take arginine supplements, you are increasing the production of nitric oxide in your system. The nitric oxide made by arginine supplements helps to tone blood vessels and increase blood flow to vital organs – the result is lowered blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and better function of important systems in your body. Arginine supplements also come with far few side effects than their prescription counterparts. People who take arginine supplements report very few, if any, side effects which are generally mild and are not long lasting. If you are taking arginine supplements to treat hypertension and other heart disease factors, you should use it in conjunction with a heart healthy lifestyle. Get plenty of cardio exercise (walking, running, biking, swimming, etc.), eat lean proteins and reduce sodium & fats in your diet, and do not smoke ever or drink alcohol in excess.