The more people learn about arginine supplements, the more they think that arginine supplements may be one of the best natural treatments around. Arginine supplements are a form of the important amino acid, L-arginine, made naturally by the human  body and found in the foods we consume. Deficiencies are not very common since it’s naturally occurring and we get plenty in the foods we eat, that is when a well-rounded diet is in play. It doesn’t take a deficiency to discover the many benefits of arginine supplements.


These arginine supplements are most popular for treating chronic health problems and promote wellness. While much of the focus is on the heart benefits of arginine supplements (and for good reason since 64 million have a form of cardiovascular disease), they serve multiple purposes when taken properly.


Areas of the Body Impacted by Arginine Supplements

Almost every area of the body is impacted by the amount of L-arginine in your system. Arginine converts into nitric oxide in the body which has many positive impacts on different areas of your anatomy.



The benefits of L-arginine on the heart draw in the most attention. L-arginine helps your heart’s health in many ways. Many studies show that the supplementation of arginine can help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and improve blood flow.



While there are many passive positive effects on the brain, directly, arginine helps to improve memory, and learning ability.



Arginine supplements are known to promote improved kidney function which flushes the body of toxins.


Immune System

Nitric oxide made by L-arginine has a known impact on the cells responsible for a well functioning immune system.


Other Benefits of Arginine Supplements

Promotes Hormonal Balance

Helps Wounds to Heal Faster

Increases Muscle Mass – Which Makes Arginine Supplements Very Popular Amongst Body Builders!

Can Reduce the Growth of Cancerous Tumors

Known to Improve Male Fertility and Sexual Function



Are There Side Effects From Using Arginine Supplements? 

Many people turn to the use of arginine in supplement form because they have experienced nasty side effects from prescription medications. While there are minimal side effects associated with these supplements, there are a few you should be aware of so you’re not alarmed if they show up.

Known Side Effects Are Minor & Include:

Abdominal Pain




Worsening of Asthma Symptoms

Side effects are not known to be long lasting.