Arginine supplements are the latest trend in the fight for better health, the natural way. A new report shows that sun exposure might actually be a contender for arginine supplements in the field of natural healing. The sun has often been accredited for healing depression and helping with other human conditions naturally. Learn about how the sun can promote a healthier heart and how this method stacks up against arginine supplements and other holistic treatments for cardiovascular disease.


What is the Impact of the Sun on Blood Pressure?

A new study from the University of Edinburgh shows that exposing your skin to the sun’s ray may treat hypertension, reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, and may possibly even lengthen your lifespan – the same claims are frequently made about arginine supplements. This study showed that when the epidermis was exposed to the sunlight, the body released a chemical called nitric oxide – the same chemical released by the use of arginine supplements! The information about sunlight exposure in this study also shows that Vitamin D supplements cannot totally replace the benefits of UV treatment.


Risks Associated with Sun Exposure for Hypertension

Unlike arginine supplements, sun therapy does come with risks. There are certain doctors who promote this study and claim that the risks of sun exposure may outweigh the benefits – but it is important to understand the risks of overexposure to UV rays before sunbathing for heart health. Certain types of skin cancer, such as melanoma, are directly linked to the overexposure of UV rays and many doctors advise their patients to avoid too much sun. This study recommends 20 minutes in the sun daily to get the blood pressure lowering benefits of UV rays, but even that amount of direct sun exposure could lead to skin damage which may result in skin cancer later on. Unprotected UV exposure also accelerates the aging process. 


Arginine Supplements are Safer for Reducing Blood Pressure

Arginine supplements seem to have the same impact on the body as sun exposure, minus the risk of life threatening skin cancer. Like the findings in the UV treatment study, arginine supplements help to reduce blood pressure because arginine, or L-arginine, promotes the release of nitric oxide – a chemical that helps to reduce inflammation and promotes tones in the blood vessels. While information is still lacking to promote the precise effectiveness of arginine supplements, it seems like a much safer alternative to UV exposure for heart health. A combination of Vitamin D and arginine supplements may possibly be the perfect sun substitute!