People with heart conditions often seek out alternative treatments, with arginine supplements leading the trends, because they tend to be effective, yet mild (speaking of course of side effects!). A new study is shining more light on the alternative treatment field; researchers at the yearly meeting of the Heart Failure Association of European Society of Cardiology reported that Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has the ability to cut mortality in half in heart failure patients.


How Supplements Can Help with Heart Disease

CoQ10 is an electron carrier in the energy producing center of cells; this element is also a powerful antioxidant. As the recent study suggests, adequate Coenzyme Q10 levels are absent from people with heart failure – This information supports that heart disease is not just the result of the intake of toxins or poor lifestyle choices (such as smoking and not exercising), it’s also the result of a lack of vital nutrients in your body.

Arginine supplements are a lot like CoQ10 supplements since they are a synthesized form of an element already found in the body; arginine supplements are a form of an amino acid made by our bodies and are found naturally in the food we eat. People at risk for developing high blood pressure or high cholesterol often report that hypertension and LDL cholesterol levels are easier to manage with arginine supplements. While there is no concrete evidence to suggest that arginine supplements work because our body’s arginine levels are low, many studies have shown that the inclusion of arginine supplements can help to treat or better control hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes effectively.


What is a Well Rounded Supplement Regimen? 

Supplement programs for heart health should begin with the addition of CoQ10 and arginine supplements, but should also include other vitamins and minerals.  Now that you know about the benefits of arginine supplements and how CoQ10 works, learn about the other supplements you need for optimal heart health.


The top three most popular supplements for heart health include:


Garlic – helps to lower cholesterol and is a power antioxidant

Apple Cider Vinegar – works to lower blood pressure with prolonged use

Omega-3 – fatty acids in omega-3 help to reduce the risk of arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, which can lead to sudden death