A newly published study by the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism shows that people with high levels of cortisol were more likely to suffer from heart disease. Additionally, the Archives of Internal Medicine published a study that showed that unemployed middle-aged and older people are a higher risk for stress related heart attacks. What does this tell us? That stress has an undeniable impact on your heart health! Stressful situations cause your body to release cortisol, adrenaline, and sympathetic nerve discharges.  Learn about how to manage stress, and strengthen your heart with the use of alternative treatments like arginine supplements.


Techniques to Lower Stress

Published research in Medical Hypotheses, Boston University School of Medicine, New York Medical College, and the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, shows that a mind and body approach to stress management can help atrial fibrillation patients manage their health better. What this tells us is that stress management takes mental and physical effort. A wildly popular stress management technique focuses on both the body and mind, and that’s yoga – this is the practice of attaining continuous peace. Additionally, many people find stress relief through cardio exercise, which in and of itself will strengthen your heart. Meditation is also a favorite amongst people trying to cope with stressful situations.


Taking Arginine Supplements for Heart Health

Arginine supplements are very popular amongst alternative healing professionals and patients. A major appeal of arginine supplements is they offer many different heart health, and overall wellness, benefits without the side effects of prescription medications, but arginine supplements can also be used to compliment traditional medical interventions; arginine supplements also tend to be a lot cheaper than prescription medications. Arginine supplements have been shown to lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, and help diabetics manage their blood sugar. The exact amount of arginine supplements you should take varies on health, age, and weight but people trying to manage heart disease usually take 6 to 20 grams daily.


Besides Arginine Supplements, What Else You Should Be Doing for Heart Health

Arginine supplements and stress management can take you a long ways when it comes to heart health, but there is plenty more you can be doing. In addition to arginine supplements and stress management, smart lifestyle choices can help you to lower your risk of heart disease. Eating a low carb, low fat, low sodium diet has been shown to be one of the best heart healthy meals plans around. Eliminating toxins from your life will also lower heart disease risk, as well as risk for other illnesses such as cancer. These small changes can help compliment a plan using arginine supplements and stress management to build a strong and healthy heart.