Your heart is the strongest muscle in your body and it needs your attention. Whether you currently have heart disease, have a family history of cardiovascular complications, or if you just want to maintain a heart healthy lifestyle – arginine supplements can improve your odds of eliminating or managing heart disease.


Arginine Supplements for Serious Health Conditions

Many people in this country suffer from heart related illnesses, and sadly, much of the time those illnesses can go on to cause death in patients. Arginine supplements have been proven to lower blood pressure in people with hypertension; they also lower bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). These are two major factors which lead to cardiac failure. Additionally, arginine supplements have little to no side effects compared to prescription medications with the same benefits.


Helping to Prevent Heart Disease with Arginine Supplements

Preventing heart disease with arginine supplements before it ever develops is ideal. Once a heart is damaged, it is very difficult for your body to heal or reverse this damage – same goes for important systems which impact your heart health like your blood vessels. When you take arginine supplements to prevent heart disease, not just to manage it after the fact, you are doing your body a big favor. Arginine has been shown to help keep blood pressure stable in healthy adults as well as keep cholesterol levels low in people who have normal cholesterol. Additionally, some people use arginine supplements to prevent colds, strengthen the immune system, improve athletic performance, and promote good kidney function. All of these benefits are directly and/or indirectly related to heart health but a healthier body means a healthier heart.


Lifestyle Changes to Boost the Effectiveness Arginine Supplements

While arginine supplements can offer a lot of benefits, you will need to live a healthy life and make good lifestyle choices if you want the full effect of heart health.


Follow the guidelines below for a healthier life with arginine supplements:

Exercise! Get 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise at least 3-5 days a week for a strong heart.

Eat right! Eating right means a whole bunch of different things. To eat right involves a structured plan of the right foods and the right amount. Low carb and low fat diets have shown to have the most benefits for people concerned about heart health.

Quit! Quit smoking, drinking in excess, and doing things you know are bad for your body. Quit all of your bad habits that cause you to take toxins into your body.