In this country alone, heart disease is the killer of about 17 million people; heart attacks and strokes account for the majority of heart related deaths. A heart attack is an event that happens in your body when the flow of blood to your heart is blocked suddenly. The vast majority of heart attacks happen as a result of coronary heart disease; a condition which occurs when life threatening plaque builds up on the inside of the vital coronary arteries.


There are many different factors that greatly increase your odds of suffering from heart disease which can lead to a heart attack and even death – that is why many people who already have heart disease or a family history of heart attacks wonder if supplements like arginine will benefit them and what the best lifestyle choices are – learn what you can do TODAY to improve your heart health.


Lifestyle Choices Your Heart Will Thank You For!

Reducing your risk factors by making better and smarter lifestyle choices can greatly improve your heart health and improve your overall quality of life. Understanding how to reduce risk requires that you know what increases your risk. Factors that put you at greatest risk include: smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, diabetes, and inflamed blood vessels. The best advice on lifestyle changes remains the same as it has for centuries – a good wholesome diet and plenty of cardiovascular exercise.  A heart healthy diet should consist of leafy greens, whole grains, and lean proteins; exercise programs for improved cardiovascular health are those that increase heart rate like swimming, jogging, or biking.


Supplements for Improved Heart Health

Supplement programs have some amazing health benefits and fill in the nutritional gaps that even the best diets leave behind. Check out the best three supplements to add to your diet for heart health below.



The arginine, or L-arginine, are vast, making it one of the most sought after supplements on the market for heart health and more. This supplement works by reducing blood pressure, restores heart rhythm, reduces cholesterol, and much more.


Fish Oil/Flaxseed Oil

These supplements offer omega-3 health benefits to users; omega-3 has consistently shown to have very positive health benefits. Many studies have shown that these supplements help to reduce triglycerides levels while also increasing good HDL cholesterol.



This supplement works by increasing the flow of LDLs, decreasing triglycerides, and blocking the release of fatty acids to cells.