Are you a “cup half full” or “cup half empty” personality? New research is showing how your attitude – your outlook on life in general – can impact and influence your risk of death if you’re already facing heart disease. Simply speaking, if you are living negatively with heart disease, you are at three-times more risk of early death. Heart health is not always about the 7 Simple Steps to healthy living, it’s also about staying positive.


The Research


“Patients with heart disease who experience high anxiety during the stressors of everyday life may benefit from treatments designed to reduce anxiety, such as medications targeting anxiety or stress management,” said lead researcher Lana Watkins, an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C.


Depression becomes a huge issue for heart disease patients, as heart attack patients are three times more likely to struggle with this emotional illness. According to Psychology Today, 20 to 30 percent of all heart patients develop depression. Unfortunately, this number linked with the fact that one-third of U.S. adults experience an anxiety disorder in their lifetime, and the stats don’t look good for heart attack patients.


This new study finds that anxiety, particularly when accompanying depression, independently increased risk of dying.


Fighting Negativity

Most individuals do not fully understand what depression is, or how it affects a patient’s life. While most people have irrational fears at some point in their lives, clinical depression can last weeks, even months, and can affect every aspect of your life. What is ironic is the fact that according to WebMD, by 2020 depression will be second only to heart disease in terms of the leading cause of disability in the world.


Most often, depression is treated with prescription anti-depressants and therapy. However, in the case of heart disease, it might make more sense to find natural depression treatments along with natural heart disease treatments. Just as you can lower your blood pressure without medication, you can beat depression without medication.


Healthy Routine – Just as a healthy routine can improve heart health, it can also improve depression. According to WebMD, depression can strip away the structure from your life, which can enter you into a downward spiral, a vicious circle. Beat that circle with simple routine to your every day. Small steps towards a big recovery!


Exercise – Just as exercise is wonderful for heart health, it does wonders for depression as well. Exercise tells your body to release ‘feel-good’ chemicals called endorphins. It gets the heart pumping, the blood flowing, and release endorphins throughout the body. With an added boost of arginine supplements to increase blood circulation, exercise and arginine will help deliver necessary nutrients throughout your body, to every single cell in your body, which will improve oxygen transfer, energy and mood.


Eating Healthy – Depression can lead to over-eating, which can increase depression as well as decrease heart health. Foods high in emoga-3 fatty acids such as salmon and tune, as well as folic acid such as spinach and avocado, can help to improve your mood. These foods are also wonderful for your heart! If you have suffered a heart attack or have high blood pressure, consider these foods as well as arginine supplements to naturally reduce blood pressure and beat depression!


Sleep – This is a big one. Not getting enough sleep can make the depression worse. Exercise will help you sleep better and fall asleep faster, but you can also get into a sleep routine. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. This will get your body into the rhythm and sleep patterns. Sleep is also wonderful for heart health, letting your body de-stress and relax while in slumber.



It’s amazing how many of the above depression tips coincide perfectly with heart healthy tips, and there’s a reason for that. While depression is a psychological illness and heart disease is a physiological illness, they both involve living healthy and living naturally. At, that’s what we strive for.


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