Can protecting your heart health also protect you from cancer? It seems that your heart and cancerous tumors have quite a lot in common, and in keeping your cardiovascular system in top form can also keep your body strong enough to protect itself from cancer. Of course, a little l arginine in Cardio Juvenate Plus can also help.


Life’s Simple 7

If you haven’t heard of these yet, the American Heart Association considers the following seven steps as the simplest preventative measures that you can take to prevent heart disease:


?  Being physically active

?  Keeping a healthy weight

?  Eating a healthy diet

?  Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

?  Keeping blood pressure down

?  Regulating blood sugar levels

?  Not smoking

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New research out of Northwestern Univiersity Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago is showing how these seven simple steps can also cut cancer risk. The research, published in Circulation, took over 13,000 men and women across 20 years and examined which healthy behaviors they followed and reviewed their hospital records. They determined that after 20 years, nearly 3,000 of the 13,000 had cancer and simultaneously had followed very few of Life’s Simple 7 behaviors.


People who followed six of the seven health metrics had a 51% lower cancer risk than the participants who did not meet any of the steps. The relationship held even after the scientists accounted for the effect of smoking on cancer risk; when smoking was taken out of the equation, participants who followed five to six of the health steps had a 25% lower cancer risk.



The Truth About Heart Health


The truth is in the simplicity of Life’s Simple 7, and it’s what the team at has been talking about for many years. You have control of your fate and future heart health. By making healthy choices such as maintaining a healthy weight, a heart healthy diet, exercising, and managing your cholesterol and blood pressure levels you have complete control of your heart health.


By adding Cardio Juvenate with l arginine, you can add a boost of cardiovascular benefits to your daily routine. L arginine can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, just a few of the benefits of l arginine. But don’t take our word for it, visit our testimonials to see for yourself.


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