Your heart is a powerful tool. In fact, it’s one of the most amazing organs in your body, mainly because it accounts for every function of your body. The cardiovascular system, fueled by the heart, is a remarkable stream of countless roles, all focused on keeping you moving, breathing, and alive. The heart is responsible for making it all happen, and it’s your job to keep your heart healthy and strong.


Nitric Oxide is one of the plainest and yet unique molecules in the body. It consists of just two atoms – Nitrogen and Oxygen – and yet it’s purpose keeps you alive. Nitric oxide is responsible for regulating cellular activity and instructing the body to perform certain, insanely important, functions such as lung, liver, kidney, stomach, and heart function.


In 1992, nitric oxide was named the “Molecule of the Year” by the journal Science, and just a few years later Dr. Louis Ignarro won the Nobel Prize for his work on nitric oxide’s role in cardiovascular health. Let me say that again – research into the importance of nitric oxide on cardiovascular health won this man, Dr. Ignarro, the Nobel Prize. Nitric oxide – it’s kind of a big deal.


Dr. Ignarro’s final report on nitric oxide pointed out it’s implications for the development of drugs that could treat everything from Alzheimer’s disease to high blood pressure, as well as protection against infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more. Nitric oxide is amazing, especially in terms of blood circulation and cardiovascular health.


Cardio Juvenate Plus’s superior cardiovascular health drink, Cardio Juvenate Plus, takes Dr. Ignarro’s work, along with more recent studies, and puts them into action by combining the beneficial cardiovascular aspects of arginine, citrulline and carnitine – all aspects of nitric oxide and improved cardiovascular health.


The unique blend of these three amino acids provides not only cardiovascular benefits such as reduced blood pressure and decreased cholesterol; they improve brain function, sexual health, endurance and energy.


The circulatory system, powered by your heart, is like water in a flowing river. When the water is healthy and flowing, everyone benefits. Surrounding plants and animals grow healthier and stronger, fed and fueled by the strong river (aka – your blood flow, circulatory system). When the river becomes blocked or is slowed by build up of weeds, dirt and rocks, everyone suffers. Plants along the river, fish and animals die. The entire ecosystem can collapse because of the limited flow of the river.


Your circulatory system is no different. Healthy blood flow feeds all organs and every aspect of your body. Every single cell in your body is healthier if your blood flow is unrestricted and strong.


However, if the river becomes clogged – if your blood flow is restricted by plaque build up or poor heart function, every part of your body suffers. Cells and organs cannot get the oxygen and nutrients they need to survive, and the entire ecosystem, your body, begins to decline.


Nitric oxide solves all of these issues and more. Arginine synthesizes with citrulline to create nitric oxide, which increases vasodilation, or the widening of the arteries. With improved blood flow, your cardiovascular health improves, as does every single aspect of your body, from cells to organs. You not only feel better, you feel energized.


Cardio Juvenate Plus is a remarkably unique product that combines the essential elements needed to improve cardiovascular health. It’s not joke, but don’t take our word for it. Jump over to our testimonials to see for yourself. Then give it a try!


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