I came across an interesting article title this afternoon regarding heart disease and cardiovascular health. It read “Doctors Say Most Heart Disease Preventable.” Really? Ar EraseDisease.com, home of the leading l arginine supplement on the market, specifically designed to help reduce blood pressure, we’ve known this for years, and so have our Fans. So it was funny to come across this article title knowing well through our own Fan testimonials how preventable many heart disease issues are. So let’s dive into this preventable heart disease article and see what they have to say…


“Heart disease is 82 percent preventable and it is the leading cause of death for women,” said Babara Teng, a spokesperson for Sister to Sister, a health program for women. Heart disease is also a leading cause of death for men.


According to the World Health Organization, more people die each year from heart disease than from any other cause. And considering that 82 percent of all heart disease cases are preventable…it’s shocking and sad.


Do you know your cardiovascular numbers? The article goes on to say that a major key to heart health is knowing your numbers.


“Your weight, your blood cholesterol, blood sugar and your blood pressure are important numbers that can help you take action and reduce your risk,” said Dr. Patrice Desvigne-Nickens of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.


On top of that, be smart. She goes one to say “don’t smoke, maintain a healthy weight, exercise, know your numbers and talk to your physician and control these risks.”


L Arginine and Blood Pressure


There are a plethora of preventable heart disease risks, and ones that we at EraseDisease.com have gone over and over again. Don’t smoke, get active, maintain a healthy diet, reduce stress, reduce alcohol consumption, and reduce cholesterol. These are not difficult things to do. In fact, they are quite simple and can save your life.


An interesting report that is emerging out of a large, international study suggests that the health of your teeth relates directly to the health of your heart. The study, conducted across 39 countries with over 16,000 people, produced the following results:


For every decrease in the number of teeth, there was an increase in the levels of a harmful enzyme that promotes inflammation and hardening of the arteries. The study authors also noted that along with fewer teeth came increases in other heart disease risk markers, including “bad” LDL cholesterol levels and higher blood sugarblood pressure and waist size.


L arginine supplements like Cardio Juvenate Plus can reduce blood pressure. And it’s an easy addition to your daily routine. With 5,000 dosage of l arginine in your morning shake, you’re not only working to improve your heart health, your giving your body energy to take on the day.


L arginine helps to widen the arteries, thus allowing improved circulation throughout the body. As you work to limit those preventable heart disease risk factors, add Cardio Juvenate to your daily routine to give your heart an extra boost of health.


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