Since February is National Heart Health Month, it helps to know about new ways to detect heart-related issues. For instance, a new screening is now being used to determine the potential for heart-related issues in those that may be most at risk. This ultrasound looks at your arteries to determine if a disease process is underway. Since taking care of your cardiovascular health can save your life, this may be test well worth taking for those most at risk. And while there are many ways that you can mitigate this risk – such as taking arginine supplements, for instance – it helps to know what your baseline is when it comes to the current state of your heart.


According to medical professionals familiar with the screenings, this kind of testing before symptoms are present can help to stave off a number of cardiovascular health-related problems. This also means that the chances of dying suddenly from a heart aneurysm may be greatly reduced. The test looks at the level of blockage materials in your arteries, since this can be a precursor to heart disease. In fact, the screening can also help to stave off occurrences of stroke, since this kind of build-up can be responsible for strokes as well. The screening is recommended for those individuals age 55 and older, since this is the population most at risk for heart-related issues. It is not generally covered by health insurance, but is well worth the investment to know just how great your risk for heart disease really is.

There are other things, in addition to the screening, that you can do to assure positive cardiovascular health. Getting plenty of regular exercise, eating nutritiously and taking arginine supplements can reduce issues with heart disease and can help to enhance your heart health.