Arginine supplements offer a number of general health benefits. However, one of the reasons that many people use these supplements is to naturally lower blood pressure and reap the heart healthy benefits. Arginine is an essential amino acid that promotes good heart health. It increases the circulation of blood in the heart, helping it to pump more effectively. This ensures that your body’s biggest muscle is able to function without being more strained in doing so.


Establishing good heart health habits early in life can not only extend your life overall, but also lead to the development of other habits that can promote good health. Through taking arginine supplements to increase the circulation in your heart, you will likely have more energy and can then enjoy the ability to be more active. This, in turn, may lead to the development of healthy eating habits, which all combined can naturally lower blood pressure. Arginine is hands down the best supplement for this purpose because of the myriad of other health benefits it offers in addition to the increase in blood flow circulation through your heart’s chambers. It can help your heart — and you, in general — become healthier.