As if there weren’t enough roadblocks standing in your way when you are trying to naturally lower blood pressure, a new study shows that how much you make could play a part in the development of hypertension as well. This means that even if you are taking arginine supplements, eating right and getting plenty of exercise, you may still develop hypertension, which could have a devastating affect on your health.


According to an article published in the European Journal of Public Health, there are a number of factors that can affect the development of hypertension for low wage earners. It could be the stress of what a low wage job can bring to the table. Constant worry about bills and making enough to cover odds and ends in terms of household expenses can mean sustained high levels of stress, which can in turn raise blood pressure.
Also, those that don’t earn as much money tend to not eat as well and often can’t afford insurance coverage. This means almost constant consumption of processed foods, which are generally high in sodium, as well as the consumption of low-cost, high sugar drinks. Moreover, people that earn less in wages tend to not have the access to quality grocery stores in order to buy fresh, whole foods and often don’t have insurance coverage to monitor hypertension, as it develops.



The study shows that when these factors are combined, hypertension can strike hard, living up to its moniker as the “silent killer.” In fact, many people that don’t have access to regular medical care and want to naturally lower blood pressure, even using arginine supplements, or need to take prescription medications cannot and thus the hypertension worsens and becomes more severe over time.



Those that don’t have access to the proper resources to eat healthier and stress less can still take steps to naturally lower blood pressure.Consuming plenty of water is a good way to help keep high blood pressure at bay, as is getting some kind of exercise each day. For instance, taking a 15 minute walk each day can help you to get healthier, as can light strength training. Moreover, anything you can do to lower stress levels, from taking yoga to stretching and deep breathing each day, can go a long way towards naturally lowering blood pressure and contributing to general good health.


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by Kandice Linwright