Chances are, you’ve already set your New Year’s resolutions and are intently working on achieving those goals. However, it can be hard to know if you’ve set some resolutions that are going to bring about major changes for your health – particularly if the goals seem like lofty ones, such as a chance to naturally lower blood pressure or lose a few pounds. If you are going to set resolutions, consider a few tips to help you know if you’ve set the right goals to ensure success:

  • Consider what’s most important health-wise: For instance, if you have hypertension, then it is a priority to naturally lower blood pressure and get it under control before it gets worse. This may be more important than, say, a resolution to lose weight if you aren’t at an unhealthy weight to begin with. Consider what is important to maintaining good health and make resolutions accordingly.
  • Re-name your resolutions: There’s something about resolutions that makes them seem like a temporary change versus a life-long goal. When you make a temporary resolution, you may be more likely to fall off the wagon, so instead, call it a lifestyle change, particularly if it is related to your health.
  • Work with your doctor: If you want to naturally lower blood pressure through the use of arginine supplements or want to drop a few pounds, then work with your doctor to get a baseline on your health to get started. Your doctor may also be able to make some recommendations on resources that can help you get started and maintain focus on those health goals.
  • Write it down: If you want to naturally lower blood pressure, starting gaining benefit from the use of arginine supplements, lose weight or learn to eat better, write it down. Studies have shown that those people that write down their goals are more likely to stick with them, particularly if they reference those goals periodically to help them stay on track.

Making resolutions to be healthier can be a positive thing that helps to influence major life changes for the better in many people. However, these changes can also be hard to stick with, particularly for major health-related decisions, such as the decision to naturally lower blood pressure without the benefit of prescription medication or getting fitter and in better shape. It can be done if you commit to it and utilize all resources available to you to help you reach those goals.