During pregnancy, there are so many things that can seemingly go wrong, even as you wait for what is sure to be one of the most profound moments of your life. As you get close to your due date, and the baby continues to grow, your body can respond in any number of ways. For some women, nearing closer to the due date can cause higher than usual blood pressure numbers. The quest to naturally lower blood pressure often begins in earnest with such a diagnosis, with pregnant women trying everything from arginine supplements to changes in lifestyle – often including bed rest – to try to normalize the numbers enough to make it to their due dates.

There are three main types of hypertension that often affect pregnant women:

Preeclampsia: This is a condition that only affects pregnant women, often showing up after 20 weeks and resolving itself following delivery. It is marked by a higher than usual blood pressure reading as well as the presence of protein in the urine. It can be a dangerous condition and women that are affected by it are generally carefully monitored and put on limited activity status until the delivery. The efforts to naturally lower blood pressure with this condition are marked by bed rest, plenty of sleep and tons of fluids.  However, in more severe cases, early induction of labor may be necessary.

Chronic high blood pressure: This is characterized by hypertension that may have existed prior to the pregnancy, worsening as a result of it. Many of these women may have already been on blood pressure medications and want to either cut back or reduce the risk of taking higher doses because of their pregnancy. This is where efforts to naturally lower blood pressure using arginine supplements and lifestyle changes can be helpful. Using more natural methods to control hypertension can often be better for baby in the long run.

Gestational hypertension: This is similar to preeclampsia without the presence of protein the urine. Not much can be done about this type of high blood pressure in pregnant women and often, the effort to naturally lower blood pressure may be the only option for getting these numbers under control. Plenty of fluids and extra rest, as well as the use of arginine supplements, can go a long way for this particular condition.