One in three Americans struggle with high blood pressure, which is a condition that can lead to heart disease, stroke and numerous other health problems. Often, those with hypertension – another name for high blood pressure – take medication to keep those numbers under control, so that it doesn’t cause other problems to crop up, also requiring medication. Efforts to naturally lower blood pressure may include control over diet, increased levels of exercise and arginine supplements.

However, there are a number of other easy steps that you can take to naturally lower blood pressure and become healthier overall.

  • Get more potassium in your diet: Eat a banana each day; the potassium that is naturally-occurring in this tropical fruit is as effective on lowering blood pressure as reducing the amount of sodium in your diet by at least half. The good news here is that bananas aren’t the only things high in potassium, so if you aren’t a fan of this fruit, don’t despair. You can also reap the benefits from eating apricots, strawberries and raisins. Prunes and tomatoes are also on this list.
  • Avoid fructose where possible: According to a study in MyHealthNewsDaily, those that consumed more than 74 grams of fructose each day were much more likely to develop hypertension than those that did not. This is important to know when you are checking the package on your foods to see what is contained with them; if you see fructose – particularly a lot of it – keep moving on to your next option.
  • Lose a few pounds: This isn’t a vanity issue; it’s a health one. If you drop even ten percent of your body weight, you may be able to naturally lower blood pressure.
  • Take arginine supplements: This essential amino acid can cure a variety of health-related issues, from joint problems to mental issues like depression and more. It also makes your heart beat more efficiently, which ensures that blood pressure levels don’t shoot through the ceiling. Arginine supplements can also assist with other conditions, such as diabetes.
  • Limit alcohol intake: It might seem odd to worry about alcohol when it comes to controlling sodium and high blood pressure. However, studies have shown that over-imbibing can cause blood pressure levels of rise. According to the Mayo Clinic, to naturally lower blood pressure, aim for no more than a drink a day for men over age 65 or women or two per day for men 65 and younger.