While there are a number of ways in which to naturally lower blood pressure, including through the use of arginine supplements and other lifestyle changes, some people have severe enough hypertension that they are unable to effectively control their blood pressure numbers. As high blood pressure affects one in every four Americans, some simply need greater intervention than even prescription medicine can provide.


This is where the results of a study done through Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City are showing that a new procedure may be able to help with this issue. The procedure focuses on reducing the activity of news in the kidneys, which in turn to deal with hypertension that is resistant to treatment. It is already being utilized in some countries in Europe.


Resistant hypertension often doesn’t respond to efforts to naturally lower blood pressure through diet, exercise, arginine supplements and other lifestyle changes. It can cause heart attack, stroke and general heart failure. Of those that have high blood pressure, this particular condition affects roughly one in 11 of those individuals. In most instances, because of the lack of results in the effort to naturally lower blood pressure, patients are generally more desperate to try something that works. Even prescription medication fails to work for many of these patients, an issue which can have fatal consequences if hypertension continues to run unchecked.


The procedure itself is actually fairly simple. It is done using a local anesthesia, with a small incision made in the groin, through which a shot of electric waves help to deaden those sympathetic nerves that can cause rises in blood pressure. Patients can then couple those results with other efforts to be healthier in general. Those that participated in the study found that this procedure worked when little to nothing else would. However, it is still being tested in the U.S. and more testing is needed before it can be utilized as part of a regimen to treat these patients.


Efforts to naturally lower blood pressure, using arginine supplements and via other lifestyle changes, are still an important part of the process in getting healthier overall and taking steps to reduce those blood pressure numbers. This surgery of last resort is just another way to ensure that pressure is stabilized so that those with more severe hypertension stand a chance at good health.