When it comes to reasons for death, a new study is pointing out that little has changed in terms of risk factors that can result in death around the world, with smoking and hypertension topping the list. Often dubbed the “silent killer,” high blood pressure, or hypertension, kills so many because most people don’t even realize they are struggling with high blood pressure until it’s taken a toll on the heart. Taking steps to naturally lower blood pressure and leading a generally healthier lifestyle is key to decreasing this risk, where possible.


The study, released through the Global Burden of Disease, was a global study that looked at the impact of these and other conditions to determine how often they resulted in death around the world. Various factors were considered in the study, including socioeconomic status, current health states and more. The study results were published in the Lancet publication, which actually devoted an entire issue of its publication to the study’s results.


It should be notes that efforts to include arginine supplements in daily regimens and getting people to naturally lower blood pressure may have had some positive effect, since overall, since 1990, occurrences of ischemic heart disease are lower as are instances of stroke, which points to some benefits of continued education in these areas. However, this doesn’t change the fact that hypertension and smoking retained the top two positions for cause of death, following by HIV/AIDs, following in third place. In fact, hypertension came even before smoking when it comes to cause of death, sitting in the number one spot for people around the country.


Taking steps to naturally lower blood pressure may involve any number of lifestyle changes, including the inclusion of arginine supplements to a daily regimen of vitamins and supplements. The inclusion of arginine supplements in these efforts is key since this essential amino acid can help with other health conditions as well. Additionally, getting more exercise and eating more nutritiously can go a long way towards reducing those numbers as well.


The more you can focus on addressing issues of hypertension, the more likely it is that you can naturally lower blood pressure and preserve both your heart health and your general health. The more people that do this and include components like arginine supplements into a regular routine, the more these numbers might start to decline.