According to a new report, Americans are living longer than ever before, but in a much more unhealthy way. The report, dubbed the 2012 America’s Health Rankings, focused on the fact that while Americans have started reaching advanced ages, chronic diseases have taken hold and many people are finding themselves managing these diseases for longer periods of time. This may include heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and more. High blood pressure is of particular concern, since it can cause so many other adverse health conditions. The ability to naturally lower blood pressure, through leading a less sedentary lifestyle and taking arginine supplements, may help to reach old age without being so medically compromised.


The Research

The report was released through the American Public Health Association as well as the Partnership for Prevention. It showed that obesity, chronic illness, lack of exercise and hypertension were all culprits in contributing to less than healthy lifestyles among Americans. However, perhaps because of efforts to naturally lower pressure or through medical advances, people are able to live with or overcome these conditions to live longer.


The report also shows that socioeconomic factors can play a role in overall health and the effort to resolve some of these chronic conditions. Moreover, because of a lack of focus on getting proper exercise, the report shows that many resolvable chronic conditions continue to grip the nation. For instance, according to the report, 26% of all Americans are sedentary, getting little to no physical activity outside of the workplace over a 30-day period. Moreover, just over 27% of adults in the U.S. are obese, which is more than the entire population of the United Kingdom.


These health problems are taking a toll on all aspects of the population, but the report focuses on the older segment of individuals that are living with chronic conditions and managing them well into old age.


Therefore, issues like hypertension can be a problem and the effort to naturally lower blood pressure can be significantly more challenging than it might be for someone in relatively good health and of younger agea. However, because of the numerous side effects that come along with prescription medication in controlling high blood pressure, taking arginine supplements and embarking on other efforts to naturally lower blood pressure ensures both a better sense of health as you age and more resolve other health issues that may crop up over time.


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