Hypertension is one of the fastest growing health issues in the country, now affecting one in every four Americans. As a result, the use of high blood pressure medication, combined with efforts to naturally lower blood pressure through diet and arginine supplements has also become more common. As more people utilize medications to get hypertension under control, however, a new study is showing that weight may be a factor in that choice.


According to doctors with the Downstate Medical Center in New York City, determining blood pressure medication based on weight has everything to do with the person’s ability to absorb the medication. After all, people of different weights react to medications differently. The study also shows that those with hypertension that are overweight often fare better than those with hypertension that are thin.


The idea behind the study results is that because of the various differences in the reactions to blood pressure medications, some doctors may start to look at a person’s total health profile in making decisions about blood pressure medications.


For instance, overweight individuals often fare between with diuretic medications when it comes to treating hypertension. Meanwhile, diuretics can cause adverse health effects in thinner individuals, which is why weight is a key consideration in choosing a medication. The study shows that thinner people should avoid diuretic medications to control blood pressure.  Since they are more likely to have circulatory issues that may be contributing to their high blood pressure, the wrong medication can increase the potential adverse  effects of hypertension, including heart disease, heart attack and/or stroke. Those that are overweight with hypertension may benefit because the hypertension is often a combination of excess weight and sodium as well as too much fluid in the body.


In addition to medication, there are many ways to naturally lower blood pressure. Controlling diet and getting more exercise, when combined with arginine supplements, is a great to ensure better health and weight loss that can help with high blood pressure. Less stress and going easy on the sodium intake each day can also be helpful in the fight against high blood pressure.


The more you can do to help naturally lower blood pressure, through using arginine supplements and just generally taking better care of yourself, the more likely it is that you will not only enjoy better general health for longer, but also you may be able to completely resolve your high blood pressure altogether.