White coat hypertension, characterized as high blood pressure resulting from the anxiety associated with medical visits of any type, has long since been thought to be a much less serious problem than its persistent counterpart. People that suffer from high blood pressure on a regular basis often struggle with the side effects that come along with the condition, including the increased potential for stroke or heart disease. Because of this, the quest to naturally lower blood pressure through healthy lifestyle changes, the use of arginine supplements and increased activity has been focused on those that suffer from hypertension on a regular basis.


A new study is showing, however, that in older patients, white syndrome may well be a more serious problem than previously thought. A trial done on the condition, called the Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial, or HYVET, showed that of the almost 300 patients that were monitored for this syndrome, half had white coat syndrome. Of those results, those treated for the condition were 30% less likely to have a stroke as a result of the increase in blood pressure. While there are plenty of ways to naturally lower blood pressure, the results of this study show that some treatment is certainly more effective than none at all when it comes to treating the adverse effects of any regular rises in blood pressure.


The quest to use arginine supplements and other more natural methods to lower blood pressure stems from the side effects that some medication can have, particularly on older patients. These side effects can sometimes mimic the ill effects of increased blood pressure numbers.


There are a number of steps that an elderly individual can take to naturally lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke, even if they have white coat syndrome. This can still be an issue since old people tend to visit the doctor more frequently than their younger counterparts. This means more times, on average, that they will realize a rise in blood pressure, which can put more strain on their physical system.


Relaxing activities ahead of doctor’s visits can help, as well as changes in lifestyle. Eating more whole foods, consuming more water and getting plenty of exercise are all key components in lowering blood pressure naturally. Moreover, taking arginine supplements can enhance any efforts made in this area as this essential amino acid has a number of benefits for the entire body, not just the heart and the reduction in blood pressure numbers.


Talking with a physician about this syndrome might help as well, as the doctor may be able to suggest things that a patient can do ahead of a visit to ensure that blood pressure doesn’t skyrocket ahead of an appointment. This effort to naturally lower blood pressure can not only result in better health, but certainly in a lowered risk of stroke for the patient as they focus on remaining healthy for as long as possible.